September 24, 2023

NYC to Collect GPS Data on Car Service Passengers—Good Intentions Gone Awry or Something Else?

During the holiday season, New York City through its Taxi & Limousine Commission (the “TLC”) proposed a new rule expanding data reporting obligations for car service platform companies including Uber and Lyft. If the rule is adopted, car services will now have to report the GPS coordinates of both passenger pick-up and drop-off locations to the […]

Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools

As reported today by the New York Times here, we are releasing our research study this morning on “Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools.”    Districts across the country are widely and rapidly adopting cloud services to fulfill educational objectives and take advantage of opportunities for cost savings and 24/7 services.  Disturbingly, privacy protection for […]

Data Surveillance States—US and Europe

Every day that we learn more about various countries’ data surveillance programs, one point keeps coming up: national data surveillance seems to have few privacy boundaries that the law has effectively protected. In a new essay that I just posted on “The Data Surveillance State in the United States and Europe,” I take a look […]