June 16, 2024

RIAA, Tech Leaders Agree on Status Quo

Ted Bridis at AP reports that the RIAA and at least one big tech-industry trade group will announce today that they have reached a “landmark consensus” on lobbying strategy. Essentially, both groups agree to support the legal status quo. The tech industries will join the RIAA in lobbying against consumer fair use measures like the Boucher and Lofgren bills; and the RIAA will join the tech groups in lobbying against technology mandates like the Hollings CBDTPA.

This ramps up the pressure on the movie and TV industry, who will be left alone in supporting technology mandates. The RIAA has never really supported tech mandates but has stayed on the sidelines on that issue; now the RIAA is apparently promising to actively oppose tech mandates.

As usual, end users were not at the table when this deal was made.