June 16, 2024

Archives for October 2020

Facial recognition datasets are being widely used despite being taken down due to ethical concerns. Here’s how.

This post describes ongoing research by Kenny Peng, Arunesh Mathur, and Arvind Narayanan. We are grateful to Marshini Chetty for useful feedback. Computer vision research datasets have been criticized for violating subjects’ privacy, reinforcing cultural biases, and enabling questionable applications. But regulating their use is hard. For example, although the DukeMTMC dataset of videos recorded […]

Federal judge denies injunction, so 7 states won’t be forced to accept internet ballot return

In the case of Harley v. Kosinski, Matthew Harley (and 9 other individuals) sued the election officials of 7 states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Georgia). The Plaintiffs, U.S. citizens living abroad, said that voting by mail (from abroad) has become so slow and unreliable that these states should be forced to […]