April 14, 2024

Ohio E-Voting Analysis Finds Problems

The Ohio Secretary of State has announced the results of a study his office commissioned, which examined four e-voting systems. If you have been following this issue, you won’t be surprised to hear that the study found many flaws in the systems. Each system had at least one “high risk” problem.

In addition, a study of the vendors’ quality assurance methods led to a decision to “ask vendors to implement industry standard security and quality practices and procedures.”


  1. How much wasted money? These guys should all be held accountable for wasting taxpayers’ money. Of course, the whole idea is to get to the 2004 election that eliminates the voters’ right to vote, then quickly shift to the Internet voting systems, so no accountability liabilities have a chance to surface. Bottom line, we lose our right to vote, and Australia keeps theirs at a fraction of the cost. How come?