May 28, 2024

New Feature: Fritz's Hit List

Today on Fritz’s Hit List: Big Mouth Billy Bass.

That’s right, your favorite wall-hanging, singing, dancing, animatronic fish qualifies for regulation as a “digital media device” under the Hollings CBDTPA. If the CBDTPA passes, any new Billy Bass will have to incorporate government-approved copy restriction technology.

Fight piracy – regulate singing fish novelties!


What is Fritz’s Hit List?

Most readers have probably heard me, or someone like me, say that the Hollings CBDTPA has far-reaching effects – that it would regulate virtually all digital devices, including many that have nothing at all to do with copyright infringement. Though this argument is right, it is too abstract to capture the full absurdity of the CBDTPA’s scope.

To foster reasoned debate on this topic, I’m inaugurating a new daily feature here at, called “Fritz’s Hit List.” Each entry will give an actual example of a device that would meet the CBDTPA’s definition of “digital media device” and would thereby fall under the heavy hand of CBDTPA regulation.

I’ll post a new example every weekday for as long as I can keep it up. Please email me if you want to suggest an example. (I have plenty of good ones in the queue already, but your suggestions may be better than mine.)


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