June 15, 2024

MPAA Lobbying for State Super-DMCA Bills

The MPAA has reportedly been lobbying in favor of the overreaching state super-DMCA bills I discussed yesterday. Apparently, the MPAA has been circulating this one-pager in support of the bills.

The one-pager refers to “proposed model state legislation”, which explains the similarities between the various states’ bills. But it doesn’t say who is circulating the model legislative language. Anybody care to guess?

As a professor, I couldn’t help but notice that I had seen documents like this before. The characteristics are familiar: the large space-filling font; the overlong introduction repeating obvious generalities (e.g., copyright infringement is bad); the circular arguments (e.g., the need “to make illegal the manufacture and use of unlawful … devices”); and the lack of any specific reference to the text supposedly under discussion. It looks suspiciously like an essay turned in by a student who didn’t do the reading.


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