June 13, 2024

More RIAA Suits to Come

Louis Trager at the Washington Internet Daily (no link; subscription only) reported yesterday that the RIAA is planning on filing hundreds of additional lawsuits against peer-to-peer users within the next month.

RIAA VP Matt Oppenheim also expressed outrage at the criticism of the group’s amnesty program. Trager quotes Oppenheim as saying, “We can only give away what we can give away….” Oppenheim also claims that the public supports the RIAA’s lawsuits, citing poll numbers and talk radio callins.


  1. Better yet, vote Libertarian in the next election and do away with the laws that protect these giant, controlling corps!

  2. Just boycott RIAA members.
    Buy music from reasonably priced sources.
    There are even good bands who provide music for free!
    Don’t let Sony and Universal decide what music is good for our ears.