May 26, 2024

New Sony CD-DRM Technology Upcoming

Reuters reports that a new CD copy-protection technology from Sony debuted yesterday in Germany, on a recording by the group Naturally Seven. Does anybody know how I can get a copy of this CD?

UPDATE (12:30 PM): Thanks to Joe Barillari and Scott Ananian for pointing me to, where I ordered the CD. (At least I think I did; my German is pretty poor.)


  1. I wonder how long it will take them to realize they would make a ton more money by just giving the music away.

  2. A little further down on the page, the CD is labelled “kopiergeschützt” (copy protected); there’s also a link, “Was bedeutet das?” (what does this mean?), pointing to a page that gives some generic information on the effects of CD copy protection.

  3. I believe this is it: What Is It?. You can buy it at Amazon at the link (although speaking German or the babelfish might come in handy). The CD is labelled, “ENHANCED”, but it doesn’t seem to me that the Amazon site clearly labels this as a copy-protected disc. The Reuters article mentions, “release on Monday”. Despite the article being date-lined today, I think yesterday is the Monday being referred to. “What Is It” was released on the 10th.