June 28, 2022

"Hacking" Revisited

I wrote yesterday about the degradation of the term “hacking”. Today, the perfect illustration of my point turned up: a Hacker’s Hall of Fame published by The Learning Channel. It includes legitimate uber-programmers like Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, along with computer criminals like Kevin Mitnick and Vladimir Levin. Putting those guys on the same list is an insult to Thompson and Ritchie.


  1. Chip Christian says:

    Not to mention… I love John Perry Barlow,
    in all his guises, but under what twisted
    definition of hacker does he qualify?

  2. the funny part is under their “lingo” section, they get the definition right…

  3. “War-Driving” suffers from the same stigma…

  4. This is real hacking 🙂


  5. Ack – look at the first entry:

    “Richard Stallman

    Handle: None (nothing to hide!)”

    Yeah, we’re all C@@L D@@DZ here … later, SDMIguy, from 1201man.

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