June 13, 2024

Paris Hilton: Auteur

Some day a great book will be written, dissecting the current copyright mania. And the page-three example, showing just how ridiculous things got, will be this: a legal dispute over whether Paris Hilton can claim authorship of the infamous video.

[Link credit: James Grimmelmann at LawMeme.]


  1. Jesse Hughes says

    Shocked, I tell you, shocked. It’s bad enough that bloggers clog the Google results as is. Now you start gratuitously mentioning Paris Hilton to get more hits.

    Here I was, happily searching for the number one amateur sex tape in the world and I’ve been needlessly diverted by what? A discussion of open source/free software issues? A presentation regarding consumers’ rights?

    Geez, keep it in the closet where it belongs, willya?