June 13, 2024

U.S. Fed Trojan-Horse Technology to Soviet Spies

The U.S. fed booby-trapped technology to Soviet economic spies in the 1980’s, according to a new book by former Air Force secretary Thomas C. Reed. This was reported in a front-page story by David E. Hoffman, in today’s Washington Post. Reed says that the CIA, on discovering secret Soviet purchases of sensitive U.S. technology, decided to poison the well by feeding the Soviet technology collectors booby-trapped versions of U.S. products.

The effort was successful, according to Reed, with the biggest impact being an enormous gas pipeline explosion, caused by time-triggered code hidden in the pipeline control software. This confirms a story told by William Safire several weeks ago.


  1. Wait a minute – these accounts are both echoing the exact same source, Reed’s book. Repetition != confirmation.

    In fact, this story looks like it’s either a rewrite of Safire’s column or shares the origin, the key “not to worry” quotes are identical.