July 14, 2024

Word Tracking Bug Demo and Remover

Alex Halderman has created a page about the Word tracking bugs I described yesterday. He offers an example Word tracking bug for you to examine, and a scanner program that can find and remove Word tracking bugs on your computer.


  1. A good way to stop the Word tracking bug is to install a firewall (ZoneAlarm or other) that controls alerts you software that is not supposed to connect to the net request a http connection

  2. Peter Roozemaal says

    I am quite unhappy that OpenOffice (at least version 1.0) supports this web bug too.

  3. Linkdump

    geekdiy.com — great site for fun geek projects. SID in Seattle. Crap how did I miss this, this would have been fun to attend. “Brian analyzes traffic trends”: http://www.brianstorms.com/archives/000365.html. Perhaps the web is becoming less US-centri…

  4. Are there any resources you could recommend about the IFRAMEs stuff? That’s new to me…