June 24, 2024

Computer Ate My Vote Day

Tomorrow, July 13, is “Computer Ate My Vote Day”. Rallies will be held in many states across the U.S, to ask state officials to use safe and reliable voting technologies. I’ll be speaking at the New Jersey rally, at noon on the steps of the State House in Trenton.


  1. I was asked to do a radio interview on the topic of electronic voting today. My two main points were:

    1. Full public disclosure and strong auditing of the source code and all other details of an electronic voting system are necessary for public trust. No voting system that relied on obfuscation for security should be placed into service.

    2. A paper trail is absolutely necessary for now, but eventually may be phased out if strong PKI systems ever reach the hands of the voters.

    This site has certainly helped shaped my views on the subject. Thanks.