July 15, 2024

Inducing You to Read Ernest Miller

Ernest Miller is on a roll lately, especially on the topic of the INCUDE/IICA Act. I would be saying more about this dangerous bill, but Ernie is saying most of what needs to be said. James Grimmelmann at LawMeme made a nice index of Ernie’s INDUCE/IICA writings.

Ernie has instituted Hatch’s Hit List, a list of technologies that would appear to be banned by the IICA, as inducers of copyright infringement. (This is modeled on Fritz’s Hit List, a feature I introduced here in response to an earlier overreaching technology-regulation bill.)


  1. Good idea, Jesse. I updated the original post to include a link to Hatch’s Hit List.

  2. Perhaps you should include a direct link to Hatch’s Hit List. Many of your readers probably started following your blog due to your own hit list. I know that’s how I started.