June 28, 2022


Monday was the second anniversary of Freedom to Tinker. Two years seems like a long time, but I still enjoy doing this. Thanks to all of you for your attention, and for keeping me alert and honest with your comments and feedback.

Here are the obligatory statistics about the site: 604 posts; 1409 comments; 3.2 million visits; 5.2 million page views; 90 gigabytes of data transferred.


  1. Congratulations! I just want to note that I was one of the first to link to your blog via LawMeme. 😉

  2. Chris Tunnell says:

    Happy blogiversary.

    I am sure I speak for more than myself when I say thank you for the time — and money — you have put into this.

  3. Happy BirthBlogDay

    Do I have this right?

    3.2 x 10^6 visits / (2 * 3.65 x 10^2 days) =~ 0.5 x 10^4 visits/day = 438 visits/day

    (note bloglines registers as one visit in logs, but represents much more readers)

  4. Seth,

    I think you have the decimal point in the wrong place. It averages out to 4384 visits per day, over the two years. (I get about 6500 visits now on a typical weekday.)

  5. Tom Duff says:

    3,200,000/(2*365)=4383 and a fraction. Seth is off by a factor of 10.

  6. Ah, right, I must have mistyped or misread something, was in a rush.

    Is visit == unique IP’s reading the front page, or an access to the feed (which is frequent?)

  7. Congratulations! I’ve been a daily visitor almost from the beginning.

  8. Thanks Ed. This is one of my favorite blogs, for lots of reasons. You have such unique experience and perspective, it’s a wonderful example of how your expertise can be shared in this medium even though you publish more formally in the usual academic channels, you write so well and point to things others often miss, and your contributions to the online community are personal and professional, inclusive and yet a huge contribution to our understanding of the issues you focus on each day.

    I’m so glad that for all the time you spend each day on this, the time it takes you away from your work and family, that you still find it satisfying and worthwhile. Congratulations on two years of really fine blogging.