July 2, 2022

Welcome to Alex Halderman

I’m pleased to announce that Alex Halderman, a second-year graduate student who works with me, now has a byline here on Freedom to Tinker. Alex works on computer security and infotech policy, and has done interesting research on topics such as compact disc copy protection and privacy-enhancing technology. He plans to attend the Grokster oral arguments tomorrow; I hope he will be able to give us a firsthand account of the arguments and the early-morning linewaiting/campout experience. I have also invited him to post on other topics as he sees fit.


  1. While we were waiting on the steps of SCOTUS, Alex promised to post his commentary/notes here… we’re eagerly awaiting them, Alex 🙂

  2. Good luck to Alex 😉

  3. Hi, now that you have more than one author on the blog, could you shift the “Posted by” info to the top of each entry?

  4. Alex, I trust that you are keeping in mind Henry Thoreau’s famous dictum: “beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” Good luck in this new enterprise, and happy trails ahead.