June 13, 2024

Fear-to-Peer, Art and Science at Princeton

Fear-to-Peer at Princeton: A Debate about Filesharing on Campus” will be held Friday, May 6, at 3:30 P.M., in Friend Center 101 on the Princeton campus. (directions) Dean Garfield, VP and Director of Legal Affairs at the MPAA, will square off against Wendy Seltzer, an intellectual property attorney with the EFF. I’ll be the moderator. The debate is open to the public, and we’re hoping to either webcast the debate or make a video available afterward.

The debate will be just down the hall from the amazing “Art of Science” exhibition that opened yesterday. There’s also an online version. Here’s an introduction:

This spring we asked the Princeton University community to submit imagery produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science. The response was overwhelming: more than 200 entries from nearly 100 individuals in 15 departments. We selected 55 of these works to appear in the 2005 Art of Science Exhibition.

The resulting assembly of images presents a fascinating and beautiful cross section of the arts and sciences at Princeton. It celebrates the aesthetics of research and the ways in which science and art inform each other.

This is an especially good week to be at Princeton!


  1. How is your comment relevant, “online”?

  2. “The so-called religious organizations which now lead the war against the teaching of evolution are nothing more, at bottom, than conspiracies of the inferior man against his betters.”

    — H. L. Mencken, “Homo Neanderthalensis” (commentary on the Scopes trial), The Baltimore Evening Sun, June 29, 1955

  3. I’ve seen/heard various of these “debates” and this one looks like it will actually be fair and unbiased.

    The one I attended was mostly students being lectured to.