July 19, 2024

Paper Naming Contest

So our Sony CD DRM paper is virtually done, except for one thing: the title. We hope you can help us out.

We’re looking for a phrase from a song lyric, song title, or album title that is distinctive and can be read as a pithy comment on the whole Sony CD DRM incident. It should be recognizable and non-inflammatory. The title of the paper will be “ThePhrase: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode”.

Please offer suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

[Update (Feb. 9): Let me emphasize that we’re looking for phrases that would be recognized instantly by most readers. We don’t want to have to explain where the title came from. (If we were wanted a phrase that we had to explain, the clear winner would be “Invisible Invasion”, which is the title of the only album we know of that was issued under both of the Sony DRM technologies.)]


  1. ‘Criminal’ by Fiona Apple (A sony artist)

    # What I need is a good defense ’cause I’m feelin’ like a criminal.
    And I need to be redeemed To the one I sinned against…#

  2. Kathy Kinsner says

    “I wouldn’t want to be like you”
    The Alan Parsons Project (1977)
    Back on the bottom line
    Diggin’ for a lousy dime
    If I hit a mother lode
    I’ld cover anything that showed.

  3. I second “Ball and Chain” and “Ghost in the Machine”

    At first I thought “They’re coming to take you away ha-ha”
    was too inflamatory, but it could apply to both
    Sony and their customers.

    Someday, a company will try to use crypto and screw it up.
    Then you could use “That’s Mathematics” by Tom Lehrer

  4. I mentioned this before, but I thought I’d briefly argue for it: “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”

    Most people will have heard of it and it doesn’t seem to be inflammatory.

    The title is appropriate if we consider that blogs (the internet grapevine) spread the news initially.

    Consider the chorus:

    I heard it through the grapevine
    Not much longer would you be mine.

    Clearly this refers to the fact that the music that the singer once owned and could play on a variety of devices would now be severely limited.

    Oh I heard it through the grapevine,
    Oh and I’m just about to lose my mind.

    This refers not only to the singer’s sadness about his loss of control over the music purchased legally, but it is also a poetic description of the identity theft and other woes due to the insecure DRM installed on his computer.

    Of course, if it needs to be explained, then it shouldn’t be used…

  5. Block Rockin’ Beats: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode (The Chemical Brothers)
    Has It Come To This: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode (The Streets)
    Stop Right Now: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode (Spice Girls)
    Not The Same: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode (Ben Folds)

  6. Rob and Jason says

    Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen)

    He’s also a Sony artist, which is an added bonus. Another bonus: Although the song makes sense by itself, the lyrics add extra meaning —

    “So tell me what I see when I look in your eyes
    Is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise?”

  7. I’d probably say Van Zant’s Get Right With The Man, since that’s the CD that caused Mark Russinovich to discover the rootkit.

  8. Do You Believe In Magic? (The Lovin’ Spoonful)

    We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (The Animals)

    (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)

    Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)

    A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)

    Help! (The Beatles)

    The TImes They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan)

    I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)

    Changes (David Bowie) (Alternately, Ch-Ch-ch-ch-Changes)

    Please Please Please (James Brown)

    Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams)

  9. “Hide and Seek,”
    the first single off of Imogen Heap’s MediaMaxed album Speak for Yourself certainly isn’t as recognised as many of the classics above,
    (although it was featured in the climactic moments of last year’s season finale epsiode of the TV show The O.C., which gained it some measure of fame), but I felt obliged to mention it anyway, because I really like it.
    (it’s one of my favorite albums)

    Also, “White Shadows” by Coldplay fits well…many of the lyrics would work, too: “little white shadows…blink and you miss them. Part of a system, I am.”

  10. John Hainsworth says

    Warren Zevon: “Lawyers, Guns, and Money”
    The “Guns” part is hopefully merely a metaphor…

  11. I keep thinking of new ones… :

    “Unchain My Heart” – (Joe Cocker, I think)

  12. Alanis Morisette had an album called “Jagged Little Pill”… which could be cool (although I know nothing about her other than her appearance in Dogma).

  13. Alan Griffiths says


    Link to all discs infected with XCP. Take your pick

  14. Colin Jackson says

    Be careful what you wish for

  15. The Beatles are full of ideas. There are the descriptions of the DRM:
    Fixing a Hole; You Won’t See Me; I’m Looking Through You; I’d Have You Anytime; You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me; Within You, Without You; Chains.

    There are the reactions from the public: Slow Down; Let It Be; Piggies; March of the Meanies; What Goes On; I Found Out; You Can’t Do That; It’s All Too Much.

    There’s the Sony reaction: I Should Have Known Better; I’ll Cry Instead.

    Then the general description of the situation: Instant Karma.

    She came in through the bathroom window,
    protecting on a silver disc…

  16. Stuart Schechter says

    Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the machine” has wonderful lyrics to match the title. Specifically…

    “you’ve been in the pipeline filling in time”

  17. Seems the most likely one from this group and their agenda would be:

    Steal the Album – System of a Down

  18. “If you start me up I’ll never stop” – Start Me Up, Rolling Stones

  19. I don’t think it needs to be a song title.

    “Digital Control: Lessons Learned from…” maybe?
    “Protecting yourself at the expense of others: Lessons learned from…”

    I think I’m just too bitter about all of this to be of much help. 😉

  20. “Don’t know much about history” ?


    “True Colors” — Cindy Lauper (sp?)

    I like True Colors in particular since the paper will show Sony’s true colors, no matter how they try to spin it.

  21. Husker Du – Makes no sense at all
    Husker Du – Its not funny anymore
    Bob Dylan – This wheels on fire
    Hank Williams – Mind your own business
    Pavement – Shady Lane
    The Smiths – Please, please let me get what I want
    db’s – A spy in the house of love
    The Byrds – I’ll feel a whole lot better (when your gone)

  22. I can’t take credit for knowing this myself, but I just read Mark Russinovich’s blog earlier today. Quoting:

    “Speaking of rootkits, here’s an amusing video (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9151435244001559688) of a song named Patch Me Up by the North Sydney band Rootkit.”

  23. Okay, so it’s not really meeting the criteria but…..

    highway to hell – ACDC

  24. Well, I know I missed this discussion from a timeliness point of view, but I couldn’t resist…

    How about “Born Free”?

  25. How about “What’s Goin’ On” or “Freedom from/of Choice”?

  26. I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that) – Meatloaf

  27. “I’mperfect”
    Don’t recall the band, but I’m nearly positive there was a song called that. It’s a bit of wordplay indicating that while something was intended to be able to say ‘I’m perfect’, it came out ‘Imperfect’

  28. There is a song by The Sisters of Mercy on the album “First and last and always” called “A rock and a hard place”. This sounds good, IMHO.


  29. Title? -Just this one…says it all…

    Unforgettable, Nat King Cole

    “…Unforgettable, that’s what you are
    Unforgettable though near or far…”


  30. Paranoid Bob says

    Ironic prognostication: If you use any kind of music title, lyric or band name the Big Media will come after you (again).

    –Paranoid Bob.

    (but how about “Paranormia” by Art of Noise ?)

  31. We Be Burnin’ – Sean Paul (maybe that’s just my sick sense of humor talking…)
    Help! – The Beatles
    Hysteria – Def Leppard
    A Matter of Trust – Billy Joel

    “By now you should’ve somehow / realized what you’re not to do” — Oasis, Wonderwall

  32. A few titles by Rage Against the Machine (who incidentally are on a Sony-label) comes to mind:

    Know Your Enemy (A bit too inflammatory maybe)
    Wake Up
    Evil Empire (was already mentioned)
    Take the Power Back

  33. “the day the music died” gets my vote

  34. sandman777 says

    “the day the music died” – Don McLean’s “American Pie”

  35. what about the old jazz tune ‘Strange Fruit’ (preferably by Billie Holiday)?

  36. derzehn,

    Yes, we’re aware of the complaints about Starforce. It’s on our list of things to investigate if we find time.

  37. Ed, I don’t know any other way to contact you, so I thought I’d post a comment “about” your Sony paper because the following seems somewhat related to me, both from a DRM and a security POV. You and your readers might be interesting in checking out this article:


  38. “Dirty Laundry” – Don Henley…”You don’t find out what’s
    going on/you don’t really want to know how far it’s gone”

    “Good Businessman” – Stealer’s Wheel (better known for
    “Stuck in the Middle With You”)… “If I find that you ain’t got no trust in me/then it’s time to use my psychology…I can change your mind, I can turn you around/I know ’cause I’m a good businessman”

    “I Want It All (And I Want it NOW)” – Queen

  39. “Way to Fall” – Starsailor

  40. Black Dog

    (Led Zeppelin)

  41. T-R-O-U-B-L-E — Travis Tritt, I believe

  42. B-52s:
    Dance this mess around
    Party out of Bounds

    Steely Dan:
    Pretzel logic

    Rolling Stones:
    Sympathy for the Devil

    James Brown:
    Give it up or turn it loose

    The Clash:
    Remote control
    Complete control
    I fought the law (and the law won)

  43. “Friends may forsake me, let them all forsake me.”
    from “Sonny Boy” by Al Jolson

  44. BTW, the CD is “Cloned”; forgot that part. jdw242

  45. from Lassigue Bendthaus:

    “…being copied means being alike…”

    nice CD; artist was a member of MACOS, Musicians Against the Copyrighting of Samples.


  46. Liam Hegarty says

    “I fall to pieces” Patsy Cline
    “You’re gonna change (or I’m gonna leave)” Hank Williams
    “Beware” Louis Jordan
    “I’m the slime” Frank Zappa

  47. Rob Simmons says

    Can I possibly second-second/third Unchained Melody? As far as the two criteria it does better than any other, by far.

  48. If you’re planning to discuss lawyers, “Hair of the Dog” has an appropriate chorus.

  49. These two appeal to me, thought because they are so well know and seem to indicate things are not quite as they seem (i.e. things might be getting dangerous)

    Good Golly Miss Molly – Little Richard
    Devil With The Blue Dress – Mitch Ryder

  50. I reckon the first person got it right with:
    – Everybody Hurts, or
    – Bittersweet Symphony

    Unless you’re seeking something from a SonyBMG artist…

  51. Walking with a Ghost – Tegan and Sara

  52. Just can’t get no (Sony’s faction)

  53. Take This Job and Shove It

  54. Another Brick In the Wall (Pink Floyd)
    Wicked Game (Chris Isaac)
    Eve of Destruction (Barry Mcguire)
    Don’t Get Me Wrong (Pretenders)
    When You Buy This Record (The Tamperer feat. Maya)
    Self Control (Laura Branigan)
    History Repeating (Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey)

  55. From “Spirit of the Radio” by Rush

    “One likes to believe in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity.”


    “All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted, not so coldly charted.
    It’s really just a question of your honesty.”

    Song title was mentioned, but not the lyrics.

  56. After you get what you want, you don’t want it. – (Marilyn Monroe, in anticipation of xcp)

  57. Pink Floyd (Money) “grab that cash with both hands…”

    Donovan (Cosmic wheels) “I should be rolloing down the skyway on my cozmic wheels instead of stumbling down this highway in my boots of steel…”

  58. Lots of interesting suggestions; the most apt one so far in my opinion is “Ghost in the Machine”. Some of the others are excellent, but a bit inflammatory.

    Adding one to the inflammatory list:

    Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails .The title suggests the analog hole issue and the lyrics (I’d rather die/ than give you control!) fit the DRM controversy

  59. “Relax (Don’t Do It)” – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  60. “We don’t need no education” – Pink Floyd, the Wall

  61. C’mon, you HAVE to do some kind of pun around the Celine Dion album “On Ne Change Pas” (One Does Not Change). Perhaps “SonyBMG Ne Change Pas”

  62. You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

  63. Beatles’ songs are full of possibilities:

    Magical Mystery Tour
    Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
    Yellow Submarine

  64. I’d suggest my favorite band’s name (which, sadly, does not exist anymore):
    “Faith No More”

    I admit, not as good as the others suggested above…

  65. Shoal Creek says

    “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” (Poison)
    “Private Eyes, Are Watching You” (Hall & Oates)
    “Every Claim You Stake, I’ll Be Watching You” (The Police, from “Every Breath You Take”)
    “You Belong to Me” (The Police, from “Every Breath You Take”)
    “Runnin’ With the Devil” (Van Halen, from their “1984” album)
    “Back Door Love Affair” (ZZ Top)

  66. “In Through the Out Door” seems appropriate for spyware.

  67. I realize you’ve already submitted the paper by now, but here are a few American songbook suggestions:

    “Straighten Up and Fly Right”
    “The Song Has Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)”
    “I’m Gonna Leave You (Way on the Outskirts of Town)”
    “Muddy Water”

    I think I’m partial to “Muddy Water”, although I chuckled the most at the suggestion of “Burning Down the House”.

  68. When I’m cleaning Windows.

  69. k4_pacific says

    How about “DRMed if you do, DRMed if you don’t”? Not sure if that’s in a song anywhere, but it probably is.

  70. The Song Remains The Same – Led Zeppelin
    I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

    Not so recognizable, perhaps, but:

    That’s When I Crash – Bleu
    I Won’t Go Hollywood – Bleu
    Let My Children Hear Music – Charlie Mingus
    I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good – Charlie Byrd
    Gangsterism On the Rise – Jason Moran
    Just a Gigolo – David Lee Roth, Thelonious Monk, others…
    Sea of Misery – Pete Seeger
    Countdown To Armageddon – Public Enemy

  71. These are some pretty fantastic suggestions-how on earth are you going to pick just one?

  72. Donald Jessop says

    (Led Zepellin) Stairway to Heaven: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode

    (Boomtown Rats) I Don’t Like Mondays: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode

    (Twisted Sister) We’re Not Going to Take IT: : Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode

    (Glibert and Sullivan) The Pirates of Penzance: Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode

  73. How’s about

    Der Komissar – After the Fire
    Tainted Love – Soft Cell
    I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
    “And I’ll never have that recipe again” – MacArthur Park – Donna Summer
    The Moment of Truth – BT
    The Revolution – BT
    Penthouse and Pavemnet – Heaven 17

  74. “The day the music died” -Don McLean, American Pie

  75. Make that Mel Blanc the the the that’s all folks!

  76. th th tha tha tha tha that’s all folks-Mel Blount

  77. I want it my way-Frank Sinatra

  78. “Something is happening and you don’t know what it is,”
    Ballad of a Thin Man,
    Bob Dylan,
    Copyright 1965; renewed 1993 Special Rider Music

  79. “ROAAAAAARRRRRRRRARRRRR” – Opeth, “Deliverance”


    “Anesthetize this b*tch” – Korn, “Twisted Transistor”

    hm. maybe not?

  80. Chains of Love – Erasure

  81. I’d give Ghost in the Machine my +5–it’s certainly apt in the circumstances, but I agree that it’s not nearly as recognizable as Unchained Melody.

  82. Crazed Music Thief says

    Knocking at Your Back Door – Deep Purple
    Nothing Left to Mutilate – Cannibal Corpse
    Bad -Michael Jackson
    Immaculate Deception – Ludichrist

  83. Lewis Baumstark says

    If we had mod points, I’d give the above “Unchained Melody” suggestion a +5. It’s perfect: it’s short, everyone will recognize it, and it gets the point across so well.

  84. Couple more Beatles:

    “Dear Prudence”
    “Let me take you down …” 🙂

  85. “You used to say ‘Live and let live’,” – Paul McCartney & Wings, from Bond film “Live and Let Die” lyrics

  86. Give Me Another Trojan Song – Tom Fogarty

  87. These foolish things?

  88. The Spirit of Radio — Rush
    Moving In Stereo — The Cars

    For fun:
    You Never Give Me Your Money — The Beatles

    More appropriate for the Analog Hole category:
    Fixing a Hole — The Beatles

  89. How about:

    Who’s Next — album title
    Who Are You — The Who
    It’s So Easy — Linda Ronstadt
    Why Me — Styx
    The Grand Illusion – Styx

  90. Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

  91. The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle – Sex Pistols

  92. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

  93. “Welcome to My Nightmare” – Alice Cooper
    “Somewhere Outside of New York” (SONY) – “Gut Painz and The Shitz” (no!! really!! old 1977 punk band)

  94. “Suspicious Activity” from the EFF’s list (as posted above) sounds perfect, but isn’t all that recognisable.

    “Guerilla Radio” (Rage Against the Machine) is another possibility.

  95. “Welcome to my Nightmare” – Alice Cooper

  96. “They’re digging through all of your files / Stealing back your best ideas” — They Might Be Giants, _Cage and Aquarium_

  97. Rush Lyrics
    “1001001 In Distress” / The Body Electric
    “Big money got a mighty voice, Big money make no sound” / The Big Money
    “Reverse the golden rule” / Kid Gloves
    “Activate the programs, And run behind the scene” / Prime Mover
    “All this machinery making modern music” / Spirit Of Radio

  98. charlieMOGUL says

    The Song Remains The Same – Led Zeppelin

  99. Chain Reaction – Diana Ross
    Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams
    Blood on the Dancefloor – Michael Jackson

    Inflammatory: 😉
    Somethin’ Stupid – Robbie Williams
    Beat it – Michael Jackson
    Resistance is Futile (not music, but most appropriate)

  100. Listen Like Thieves — INXS

  101. Shadow Gallery – War for sale
    – Victims
    – New World order
    – Ghost of a chance
    And finally my favorite
    – The dance of fools

  102. You can’t stop the music (The Village People)

  103. I am not offering new ideas, but as I read through the suggestions above, a few stand out.

    – Get Right with the Man (Van Zant)
    Given that it’s the CD that sparked the whole mess, it seems appropriate (though I would have never heard of it otherwise.)

    – Money For Nothing (Dire Straits)
    Highly recognizable and highlights the fact that the paying customers are the ones being victimized by DRM.

    – It’s The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (REM)
    It stood out, but on second thought, it implies that the perpetrators of DRM are getting away with it.

    – Can’t Get There From Here (REM)
    Appropriate, but not widely recognizable.

  104. Kevin Kenan says

    Crossroads (Clapton)
    She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)
    I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Pips/Gaye/CCR)
    Riders on the Storm (Doors)
    Promises in the Dark (Pat Benetar)
    Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
    Spirit of the Radio (Rush)
    Won’t Get Fooled Again (Who)
    Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
    Burnin’ For You (Blue Oyster Cult)
    Welcome to the Jungle (Guns ‘n’ Roses)
    You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (Judas Priest)

  105. PS from other people’s lists, This is Not a Love Song, and Saucerful of Secrets, both look great to me.

  106. I found these. Anything noted [MI] is actually about the music industry, more or less. I think the two best choices in my list are Everything is Free and Games Without Frontiers (but it’s all good music).

    Everything is Free (Gillian Welch) [MI]

    I’ll Never Be Free (Van Morrison)

    Pirate Radio (Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper) [MI]

    Seen and Not Seen (Talking Heads)

    Puzzlin’ Evidence (Talking Heads)

    The Sound of Business (David Byrne)

    The Million You Never Made (Ani DiFranco) [MI]

    You Really Got a Hold on Me (Smokey Robinson)

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Gil Scott-Heron)

    Concrete and Barbed Wire (Lucinda Williams)

    We Have the Technology (Pere Ubu — The Tenement Year version is better, and if you listen to the song, or read the Christgau review, it is clear that We Don’t, but that might be a little subtle for your intended audience.)

    Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel)

    The Mess We’re In (PJ Harvey)

    Make The Music Go Bang (X)
    We’re Having Much More Fun (X)
    I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (X) [MI]

  107. W. Craig Trader says

    Tears For Fears:
    * Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    * Start of the Breakdown

    * It’s The End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
    * Can’t Get There From Here
    * Losing My Religion
    * Try Not to Breath

    The Police:
    * Ghost in the Machine
    * When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around
    * Invisible Sun
    * Too Much Information
    * King Of Pain

    The Beatles:
    * Do You Want to Know a Secret
    * Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
    * You Never Give Me Your Money

    Pink Floyd:
    * Welcome to the Machine / Have a Cigar
    * A Saucerful of Secrets
    * Us and Them

    The Who:
    * I Can See For Miles
    * Won’t Get Fooled Again

    * Beneath, Between, and Behind

  108. Making Love to a Vampire – Frank Zappa
    Absolutely Free – Frank Zappa (Or anything from the “We’re only in it for the money” album, well maybe not ‘hot poop’)
    Father o’blivion – Frank Zappa
    Treacherous Cretins – Frank Zappa

    and, to move away from zappa for a moment:
    Picture of Innocence – Deep Purple

  109. That Certain Cliche: The overuse of the phrase-colon-explanation in titling of 20th-Century academic papers

  110. Stop The Rock (Apollo 440)
    Taking Care of Business (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
    Money For Nothing (Dire Straits)
    Weapon of Choice (Fatboy Slim)
    U Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer) 😛
    Set The Record Straight (Reef)
    Hate To Say I Told You So (The Hives)

  111. Break So Easy – Johnathan Rice

  112. the great gig in the sky [pink floyd]
    comfortably numb [pink floyd]

  113. I dunno… I think “Oops, I Did It Again” is strangely appropriate here.

  114. (Your Love Is Like a) Ball and Chain

  115. When the music’s over

  116. Leslie Katz says

    A movie title?

    “How It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save it” (maybe the last word could be changed to IT).

  117. How about “Ghost In The Machine” – The Police

  118. Surprised that I was able to get this one in first: “Ghost in the Machine,” the title of the 1981 Police album.

    The cover art alludes to a mucked up or possessed computer, as well (although the phrase was coined to refer to a dualistic conception of human consciousness).

  119. Somebody’s Watchin’ Me (Rockwell, featuring Michael Jackson)

    (or) Someone is watching you (The Voice, Alan Parsons Project)

  120. Cruel Intentions? Lessons from the Sony CD DRM episode
    Everybody Hurts…
    Another One Bites the Dust…
    Smells like teen spirit…

  121. +1 for Burning down the hous or Oops! I did it again…

    I spent a whole 15 minutes trying to think of something better… of course, the coolest would be to use an album with XCP or SunComm protection… from the EFF list these sound good:

    * The Invisible Invasion (The Coral, (Columbia))
    * Get Right with the Man (Van Zant, (Columbia))
    * Suspicious Activity (The Bad Plus, (Columbia))
    * Healthy in Paranoid Times (Our Lady Peace, (Columbia))

  122. Almost Paradise
    An Affair to Remember
    Beautiful Disaster
    Cruel Summer
    Dirty Laundry
    Eye in the Sky
    Say It Isn’t So
    Tainted Love
    This Is Not a Love Song (……..oh my, this is the Best.Title.Ever. It’s ironic, and it’s Johnny Rotten, what’s not to love?)
    Trouble in Paradise

  123. The music score, the movie and the book may not have been widely popular, and the subject matter perhaps controversial or inflammatory, but “Requiem for a Dream” best suggests, I think, a metaphor for the tragedy and failure of DRM. Search Wikipedia for more detail.

  124. I can’t get no satisfaction….

    kind of fits both sides, no?

    // marc

  125. Which Side Are You On? – Various
    Oops! I Did it Again – this is not the first, just the most egregious
    I Was the Fool Beside You for Too Long (Yo La Tengo) – maybe not recognizeable enough
    Give it Up or Turn It Loose – James Brown
    The Whole World Needs Liberation – James Brown
    This May Be the Last Time – Staple Singers
    Outro With Bees – Neko Case

  126. I’d go for:

    Greatest Hits xD
    Apparently Unaffected – Maria Mena
    Conspiracy of One – The Offspring
    Evil Empire – RATM (sorry, i had to say it :$)

    and, i can’t think of anything else at this time.

  127. Ed Felten: “… recognizable and non-inflammatory”

    -dsr-: “Burning Down The House”

    Heh 🙂

  128. “Burning Down The House” — Talking Heads.

    “The Downward Spiral” — Nine Inch Nails.

    “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” — Eurhythmics.

  129. Dennis Clark says

    Speaking of album titles, how about REM, New Adventures in Hi-Fi?

  130. I’ve titled several of my music and DRM-related blog posts this way. My favorite has been “I’ve this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem…” which is a line from Dave Matthews Band’s The Stone. Other DRM related posts involve Switchfoot’s “I can’t recall myself how I went down…” and “Adding to the Noise” and other DMB favorites “While everything is open… Everything is shut down, down, down”, “Here we have been standing for a long, long time…” and “This warehouse frightens me. . .”. Feel free to take those lines.

  131. Songs about mistrustful relationships and communication seem apt here:
    Suspicious Minds ~ Elvis Presley
    Careless Whisper ~ George Michael

    Or you could draw to the fact that everyone — artists, publishers, consumers — has lost out here:
    Everybody Hurts ~ REM
    Born to [not] run ~ Springsteen
    Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve