July 14, 2024

Serialized Posts

Lately I’ve found myself writing short series of posts on a single topic, as with the recent sequence of four posts on HDCP security. This is a departure from the traditional style of this blog, where posts were self-contained and the topic would typically change from day to day.

I typically plan out these post series in advance. For example, on HDCP I was pretty sure that there would be four posts, and what their topics would be. Sometimes the plan changes along the way, because writing the early posts, or reading the comments on them, advances my thinking on the topic. But generally I’ll stick pretty close to the plan.

You may wonder why I deliver this content as a series of short quasi-daily posts rather than delivering the whole discussion of (say) HDCP all at once. Part of the answer is that my schedule allows only a certain amount of blog-writing each day, and I would rather publish each piece sooner rather than waiting until it is all done. Another part of the answer is that I suspect there are advantages to letting you see the pieces one at a time and then seeing your comments before writing the next piece.


  1. There is a tradeoff between easily digested fragment posts and fragmented comment threads, but you are providing a great community service here, so do as is most expedient for yourself. After all, you presumably have a life that takes place in real time but is not documented here (at the risk of stating the obvious).

  2. You never finished the “Conscientious Objection in P2P” topic. Seemed like you were setting up the motivation for some wiz-bang, super-crypto, oblivious-computation, technological solution that never came.

  3. Randy Picker says

    You should obviously do what works best for you. Your blog is terrific; my favorite tech blog and one of the best blogs, period.

    As to the grouping, those of us who want them as a group can wait for the full set to be complete (I have printed out all four HDMI posts and will read then when a good window shows up).

  4. Makes no difference to me. Quality is what’s important. If you value the feedback and think the feedback might help you evolve a topic, I’d go with the serialized posts. Otherwise, flip a coin.

  5. I agree with Bill and Michael that several shorter blog posts are better and easier to incorporate into my daily schedule than one big post. Keep up the good work!

  6. The sooner it gets out there, the sooner the EFF can link it and the sooner people can realise how blind they’re being about the things that are going to negatively affect their lives in the near future.

  7. there’s no standard as how you should post in a blog, I’ve seen many other bloggers to take the same approach, I find it very appropiate

  8. I too have limited time for blog reading. The serialized posts make for good reading during a mini-break at work.

  9. Put me down as a vote for serial posts rather than single big ones. Not only are they easier to write, but for me it’s much easier to read one small post per day for several days than it is to read through an entire big one. Your HDCP posts were excellent and I look forward to more.

  10. The recent series of posts has been quite excellent; if this is your rationale, then it is obviously sound and good. Please keep it up! 🙂