June 13, 2024

Blocked by Barracuda

Reader Jason Green reports that this site is blocked by Barracuda Spyware Firewall version 210. They say it’s a hacking site.

Here’s a screenshot.

UPDATE (August 4): Barracuda has acknowledged its error and says it is propagating an update to customers to fix it.


  1. try using roleplaynet.com it got past it at my shool and they have barracuda

  2. so what n00bs is sayin is that the ping of death wont work?/

  3. this totaly suks my skewl has gone thru and bloked everything idk what there doing but its something with the updated barracuda that it blocks thru keywords

  4. Primarily to xkorpse but everyone should read.

    xkorpse i’d like to open with you’re an idiot. Let me explain why. In the last 5 years local and federal gov’t have coming down hard on org’s and schools which do not implement controls and logging measures on networks. Therefore anyone who is not beyond an expert in network engineering should be fearful of doing anything on a private LAN as everything is logged, watched, viewed, saved etc… If you’re at work now and reading this, someone could be WATCHING your screen remotely right now. Short of a network engineering degree, I would say stop what you’re doing NOW and get back to work.

    Okay, so you’re curious. Read on…

    Let me address DoS spoken so terribly by xkorpse . Most organizations have solutions in place to thwart DoS attacks and FLAG systems or IP addresses as attackers and SHUT YOU DOWN. If you’re on an untrusted network or not on the local network, sorry … upstream solutions or even end point firewall security will simply drop you –nice try! Not to mention the DoS attack you’re taking about is what —circa 1996? More specifically you’re talking about Ping of Death. Maybe you should do your homework …Windows, Linux (name your flavor), even the long running venerable *NIX boxes out there have long been updated to not be affected by this.

    Next, this activity is ALWAYS logged and a good admin will investigate thorughly or if company money and downtime are involved, call in the authorities to do the investigating for them. Nothing like going to college and being labeled as a felon who is not allowed to use a PC. THANK YOU xkorpse!

    An earlier posting of using a keylogger is promising, unless you live in the good ‘ol USA. There are laws against this. Oh yes … really LAWS. You do not want to be someone caught using one of these in a company or school w/o explicit permission that meets or exceed state guideines.

    As for banning IP address –YES the Barracuda blocks domains, IP’s (both inside & out). The Barracuda also has access lists which are specified for which network systems can connect to the management console. I doubt any PC or end user would even be on a subnet allowed to access the management console in the first place –so good luck with that. Even if you manage to identify which subnet that is, good luck forcing your switch port to jump onto that subnet.

    As for proxies. Sure you can search for them using google, but the Barracuda can block search strings too. So you say, “hmm, I’ll just get a proxy name from home, one with just the IP address”. SORRY — The Barracuda can block all sites which do not resolve to an actual known FQDN or registered domain name. Okay you say, what about encoded URL’s (base 64 or the like). Ha, sorry … these are easy-peasy to pick off and extremely noticeable in the logs. Not only that, it’s a PIECE OF CAKE to create a basic rule in Snort to ID these and either snoop or drop your @$$.

    Let me leave you with this. A known proxy which is not in a blacklist IS the best way to get around content filters. There are new one’s put up every day and the black lists simply cannot keep up. HOWEVER … let me EMPHASIZE two things here before I go …

    FIRST: Content filters are put in place not to simply make your lives miserable. They are put in place to maintain compliance with state and federal guidelines. You may successfully find a proxy, but do you really want to get suspended or fired when the admin sees the log? All for MySpace?

    SECOND: Believe it or not, LOADS of proxies are infectous sites which lure you in under the shroud of anonymity yet are really there as a front for something greater (spyware or viruses). That’s right, in all your cleverness to beat the system, you’ve actually exposed YOURSELF when you go and login to your own personal email, bank website, or even myspace account!

  5. All of these sites r blokd at my skwl nd i crt seem tu hak anythink…any1 got any suggestionz..!?

  6. Anyone ever think of setting up remote desktop on their home pc and then connecting to their home pc from school. This would allow use of MySpace. If you dont have remote desktop then you could use VNC just be sure to get a portable client you can take with you.

  7. Was reading the article on being blocked by barracuda and i feel your frustration. I also have the same internet block here at work. However i have found a way to get around it. Click start>Run Then type CMD and press OK
    Then type Ping whatever.com
    It will give you a number like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    Use that number in the address bar and bam your surfing the website in no time.

  8. any one out there who thinks this is stupid what the schools are doing say i

  9. why can we uce my space in school it is noy that bad i would let my space on school

    thank you

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  11. who knows a website that’ll get around blocked sites at school? not a poxy though something else

  12. Uh…xkorpse, I am impressed with your hack. This didn’t take a short time for you to fabricate. It worked very well. I would like to say that, my high school infiltration has a new problem… the network I not displayed as so, but has more than one system of blocks. Also it is hidden, I CAN’T FIND IT. I am searching for the answer, if you have any info on it please help… the former network keeps blocking sites automatically(the administator doesn’t have to do it manually), but barracuda is display and I don’t think it has the capability
    to perform that. Please help.

  13. There is a really easy way to get around almost any webfilter. You can’t play games or watch movies, but you can access myspace and view pictures. Go to Google and type in “sneakmyass.in”. click on the link with the same name (it SHOULD be the first link). You’ll see a box with “http//” in it. Just type the web address into the box and press enter. (YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THESE INTSRUCTIONS EXACTLY FOR THIS TO WORK!).

  14. im blocked by websence

  15. if anybody no how to get to myspace let me kno shyt im bored as fuck but to kill a nigga if i cant get on myspace

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  18. Can anyone send me some info so I can unblock these websites

  19. Can anyone send me some info so I can become a hacker

  20. Can anyone send me some info so I can become a hacker I need music.

  21. I need to get pass the blocks it is so boring sitting there do nothing for 85 minutes a day can anyone send me some info so I can become a hacker

  22. God, I’m loving this forum right now.
    We have everything from outraged schoolboys to wannabe crackers.

    It’s beautiful.

    I’m a freshman at Clackamas High, and my whole school district is running on Barracuda. Proxies? Sure, they’re nice. But as soon as your sysadmin gets the log files (and I assure you he will) he will know you were on whatever site you were on. Would you like to know why?

    Because these guys have college degrees in computer science. They aren’t going to be stupid enough to be like “Hey, nobody got on myspace because I blocked it; and I am the supreme ruler of this district.”

    No, system administrators look for every hole, every glitch, just to catch you. That’s their job. You guys are on the computer, what, an hour a day? Maximum?

    The administrator is ALWAYS on. That’s what he gets paid for. To sit on his lazy ass, and watch us, and our vain attempts to ‘hack’ the server. (keep reading to see why I surrounded the word “hack” with apostrophes. xD)

    So, since I happen to know a few things about Barracuda, I’m going to help all of you guys out (when I say “all of you”, I really mean people who are having difficulties with Barracuda”).

    Alright, so:

    I’m not sure if Barracuda is ‘capable’ of blocking domain names, but I know that at least out administrators don’t. They think that it’s a bit easier to just block the IP address. There are a few problems with this:

    [1] Sometimes more than one website is on a server, and they don’t want to block the other website.

    [2] Some proxies have the capabilities to change their IP adress, such as chsmarket.com/surf.php (the only problem with this proxy is that it has JS, CSS, and FLASH errors)

    [3] Some crackers take advantage of that, and create their own proxies that change IP addresses. Note: If you make your own, remember, the command is ‘ipconfig’.

    So, if you’re really in love with proxies, then get a little wedding ring, and go to a site that offers an IP reset AT LEAST once a day.

    Now, before I continue, I’d lke to point something out.
    The difference between hackers and crackers.

    Once upon a time, hackers were just people that were smart with computers. One day an evil cracker came in and crashed a server. The media referred to this cracker as a ‘hacker’.. and ever since, people have thought that hackers were bad.

    Not true. Being a hacker means that you are good with computers, codes, scripts, and whatnot.

    Being a cracker means that you’re good with all that, but use your knowledge to crack passwords, crash servers, root boxes, hack websites, and all that jazz.

    So I’d like to make it perfectly clear, that I am a HACKER. Not a cracker. Hackers make much more money than crackers. Key word.. PROGRAMMING. It’s the big biz. Programming is better than rooting (the act of becoming root through a linux terminal). Just so you all know.. root pretty much just means admin in linux world.

    Anyway. The next bit here is for CRACKERS. If you do this, you COULD get in trouble. Therefore I advise you do NOT do this unless you would like to get raped.

    The key? DoS.
    Denial of Service.

    What happens, when you have 32 people trying to have a conversation with you at once? You have to end the conversation with some of them, right? That’s because you’re smart. You know that if you let them keep coming, and you had 238972347 people after 5 minutes, your brain would probably melt from the stress and confusion.

    Same thing with a server. Except for they don’t stop at 32. They LET you keep going, until you crash their server. Now, I’m sure all of you wanna be hackers would like to know how, right?

    ping -t -l 65500 ip

    Enter that into the command prompt (Windows 95 or higher), replace the word “ip” with the IP Address of your victims server.

    In case you don’t know where to find the command prompt… Start>Programs>Accessories>command prompt.
    Or go to Start>Run and type in “cmd” (don’t use quotes)

    How do you find the server’s IP Address?


    There’s one website offering services. A simple PHP program that tracks down the IP Address within 10 seconds (Note that this will not work on servers that reset their IP Address in a crazy 10 seconds or less. Most servers can’t even run that operation that fast, but some still try, and you will not be able to find their IP***)

    So plug in the IP address of your web filter. Try going to a blocked site, then copy and paste the URL of the Barracuda Web Filter site, and find the IP address.

    Note that you will need more than one computer running this operation, the more, the better. Chances are you won’t get caught, but there’s still a TINY possiblity. So run the command, minimize it, do whatever you’d like.. but that should crash the server, and disable their little firewall, until they reboot. This is a great thing to type in at your local library, or just walk up to a random computer in school and do it.

    Oh, and just so everybody knows, this DoS command, will crash almost any server. Some are top-of-the-line and won’t respond to the attack, but that’s pretty uncommon.

    ***Go to download.com, download XNETSTAT PRO.. it will show you the server’s IP address. The only problem is that you can’t hack somebody who’s changing their name every 10 seconds, because then you have to tell your computer to attack the new IP.

    I really hope this helped some of you guys.
    Be sure to send feedback. xD

  23. Greek PPl Know the way around lol says

    Did that help anyone?
    sorry bout my writing

  24. Greek PPl Know the way around lol says

    There are two good sites util the school finds out a bout them
    and also a site that never seens to work for me at my school

  25. they are super assholes i dont even care anymore about getting on a site i jus wana punch whoever made that gay barracuda bulshit in the face

  26. My school also uses barracuda and I have tried to use a keylogger to get the administrator password but my schools computers also have deep freeze which deletes anything that isn’t set by the administrator when a computer is restarted. Also all the proxy sites i use seem to get blocked, even though i restart the computer when I’m done ( i do this so it will delete the history, using their own deep freeze against them). If anyone knows a good proxy site or anything else would help.

  27. in addition to all of you, my school too has Barracuda, i have read through all of what you have said and tried the http://, doesnt work, tried kproxy, doesnt work, tried the ip adresses, options in internet tools are hidde, and the sytem32, yea i couldnt find anything there, so I dont see anything posted so far that works XD! I know there is a proxy site that works because theres a kid in my computer class that goes to myspace, i didnt see the proxy site tho, it was like proxitiseme or somthing, i know thats not much help but its a start =}

  28. My school uses Barracuda, even though it’s a high school! I mean, really, everything is blocked sooner or later. I’m still tryign to figure out how to disband it.

    • this gay barracuda i wont to get on myspace but it dosent work im still trying to get into it but i dont now how to if i find out ill put the website on this soo u can get on websites that r blocked

  29. 123.456.4311 says

    Hey im not trying to reck the party here, but it might be just as symple as looking in system32….. The computer stores tuns of stuff so why not look to see if the pass word for Barracuda is stored in a hidden file?

  30. alright, I am a JR. at canby high and have been doing a great deal of investigatiing into the matter, barracuda is just a simple pain in the ass, blocks most proxy’s and there is not much you can do. that is, unless you can find the thing. all one really needs to do is ‘find’ the administrators password, a simple keystroker implanted into their computer by way of flashdrive works the best, jsut set up a program to send all information o your home computer. once your in by “however” you chose to get there, overload there computer. doing so with porn is very funny but is not needed. crash th right one, and they go crazy. that is your opertunity to find the beast and add a nice remote activated surge maker, to crash and reboot the web filter at will.

    remember kids, hack responsibly, and wear a helmit outside and in.

  31. skunkyrox.com works on barracuda until someone recognizes the site. Mine has been blocked now and I need a new way around barracuda. Anyone got ideas?

  32. hi this website can get you onto any site but it might already be blocked in your school it is in NLL Senacre

  33. erinza_chan says

    Hey…if anyone wants to change the computer settings on your pc do this…
    WARNING: it will slow your browser down…
    google free IP addresses and there will be a website with a list of like 1000 IP addresses…just pick one and then go to Internet options then Lan Settings if your using a Local Area network(wireless net) and manually set your proxy settings with one of those IP addresses. the international ones work the best…
    your welcome
    Erinza Chan AKA Master Reign

  34. Some of the time if one types in https:// then the web site it will not block

    works on barracuda and Bess for things like gmail… i haven’t really tried it with other websites because we have cyber Nazis at my school that monitor the network

    For example

    i hope that has helped someone

  35. This is the way to get around the school blocks you can go to myspace facebook and all that stuff… Check it out i kno i use it everyday…

  36. i hate school blocks i need a way around plz help

  37. fateemah says

    well i hate the fact mi school blocks myspace so plz let me kno how to get around the stupid blockers!!!

  38. fateemah says

    well i hate the fact mi school blocks myspace so plz let me kno how to get around thae stupid blockers!!!

  39. russianhax says

    yes some1 indeed neends to find a password or some crack, some filter that makes baracuda think its just some regualr site and then using any possible proxy. Some1 email me I do some toher things to. And ppl we need help. damn corporations!!!!

  40. Michael S says

    Hey, guys. This is a great topic. “HACKING”. On the subject of websense though. Our school runs it. I have tried various proxies and even tried the https:// secure port trick but they have got that locked down aswell. Well in all most sites are blocked. Can anyone help me. This websense is a real pain and any hacks or codes to kill, remove or disable it would be much appreciated. My email is and that is how i can be contacted i can also be contacted via mobile: 07789834095. if anyone is in the UK. If i dont answer it prob cause i am in my lesson or doin something. Many thanks,

  41. If someone wants to go around barracuda, can try to access any webpage through entering it on the https://server10.kproxy.com, however I am still trying to figure out how can I change the proxy settings of my browser so i will have a uncensored surfing…any tips for help?????…enjoy surfing without this crapy barracuda

  42. Hmmm… cant use a proxy to get around barracuda. its already blocked under the category of “proxy”… ugh i fckn hate barracuda…

  43. To circumvent Barracuda and Websense, one must use a proxy server. This the best advice I can give.

  44. The command prompt will only allow you to get to the websites home page. Once you get it’s ip address when typing pin and the website name, you’ll will only see the home page and then when you click or try to log in on the website you will be sent to the Barracuda Firewall “pop up.”

  45. This blocking system is so stupid. I’m a freshman at a school in Texas.. I can’t do any research for anything at school. All of us students are getting desperate. If anyone knows anyway to get around this blocking system, please email me at .. I am begging for help.. This system is ridiculous and offers no help whatsoever…

  46. can someone put what totti said into plain english. or to be like GEICO make it so easy a caveman can do it

  47. Ok well i found a simple way to view a webpage blocked by them. Also to get on yahoo messenger and such. All you simply do is you have a small protable device and you donwload the yahoo messenger install device. Your school cant give you permissions top install it because it doesnt really depend on the basic installing software. So install before loging on go to connection put it under a proxy make sure its working or else will not work. After proxy is put down log in simple. When You want to visit a website, all you do is open up command prompt, type ping websitename.com and when all teh objects are list right click and press mark. when you press mark go down to one of teh ip address listed shiould be a bunch of numbers, press shift then press enter after highlighting the ip and enter it into i explorer. There ya go! If anybody would like to help me with trying to figure out more register at my website Gamerhideout.com and Pm me i am TheMassacure

  48. Alexander Wehr says

    spamsoap is another excellent example of this.

    this spam filtering service blanket blocks gmail, making it impossible for me to communicate with my mother’s office cross country. I had to set up a separate account for her just to get my mail.

  49. Anonymous quoted Jerry Pierce of Universal as saying “We don’t expect them to make copies of HD DVDs for their friends. And we don’t think customers want to do that that either. So, DRM needs to give them some restrictions beyond what both the customer and we believe are the proper usage rules.”

    That makes no sense. If customers don’t want to make copies of HD DVDs for their friends, then no DRM is necessary to prevent it.

  50. okay, websense blocks it for being part of the “computer security” category.

  51. websense (the censorware my employer runs) also blocks f-t-t. i believe it cites similar reasons, but i’ll need to verify when i’m in the office later.

  52. Take a look at Bloxx secure proxy appliances, if you are looking into efficient and effective web filtering. Apart from database filtering, Bloxx will scan the URL and the webpage itself on malicious content to your liking. By the way, Freedom to Tinker is not recognized by a Bloxx unit as being a hacking site, so we solved that one 🙂

  53. enigma_foundry says

    Another one that I thought was very interesting was an email I had sent to my state representative, which about about her lack of support for Medical Marijuana Initiative, which was filtered out for ‘inappropriate content,’ although it was polite, and didn’t use any expletives. I suppose there was a filter for suggesting drug use or other nonsense.

  54. Websense? Ptui! That even blocks flickr, as an “offsite data archive” or somesuch nonsense. As if I’d bother sending company data (photos of the office party?) through the company’s web server when I can just burn it on to a DVD….

  55. Barracuda resells the Websense censorware blacklist, so they’re the same in terms of what’s blocked.

  56. That’s what you get from blogging things, mommie doesn’t understand
    @ the first (amonymous) poster:
    not exactly: a packet filter does what you said – a firewall is the complete sum of appliations and rules that protect a host or network.

  57. it’s blocked by websense as well…

  58. Anonymous says

    Isn’t this site technically hacking? From wikipedia and the jargon file:
    hacker n.
    1. A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary. RFC1392, the Internet Users’ Glossary, usefully amplifies this as: A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.
    2. One who programs enthusiastically (even obsessively) or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming.
    3. A person capable of appreciating hack value.
    4. A person who is good at programming quickly.
    5. An expert at a particular program, or one who frequently does work using it or on it; as in “a Unix hacker”. (Definitions 1 through 5 are correlated, and people who fit them congregate.)
    6. An expert or enthusiast of any kind. One might be an astronomy hacker, for example.
    7. One who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations.
    8. [deprecated] A malicious meddler who tries to discover sensitive information by poking around. Hence password hacker, network hacker. The correct term for this sense is cracker.

  59. Anonymous says

    This is unrelated, but TG Daily has an interview posted with Universal’s Jerry Pierce.


    One very interesting question and answer from the article:

    TG Daily: Copy protection or digital rights management (DRM) is another major issue in high definition video. What is your view on necessary DRM?

    Jerry Pierce: Different studios have different philosophies in this area. It is our view that we have to provide customers a rich experience so they can do what they want to do within their home. We don’t expect them to make copies of HD DVDs for their friends. And we don’t think customers want to do that that either. So, DRM needs to give them some restrictions beyond what both the customer and we believe are the proper usage rules. That’s what we need to achieve. DRMs enable business models, they don’t stop piracy. And we want to make sure that we have a rich one without making it so easy so that you can violate what we agreed on when you purchased a movie.

  60. Hmm …


    “* Instruction or information on performing questionable or illegal activities with the use of software and/or computer equipment
    * Cracked or pirated software information and downloads
    * Recruiting or organizing people to perform hacking activities”

    Well …

  61. Actually, this IS a hacking site.

    Many people class the following as illegal activity:
    1) Preparing derivatives of published intellectual property in the privacy of one’s home
    2) Publishing the same
    3) Removing ‘warranty void if removed’ stickers.
    4) Reverse engineering of purchased devices
    5) Bypassing technical protection measures
    6) Unlicensed use of another’s software patents

    Simply not endorsing the tiny aspect of ‘hacking’ that involves invading/violating another’s privacy does not get ‘Freedom to Tinker’ off the hook as far as many IP maximalists are concerned.

    If anything, perhaps one should support these web filters if it removes those who support IP maximalism from having access to a more enlightened community? 😉

  62. Ya, we’ve got that at work too. It also blocks http://www.dictionary.com!! How lame it get?

  63. libertys bell says

    Quote from the admin manual for their “spyware firewall” (a.k.a. web content filter).

    Select the categories of Web sites you want to block and allow. The
    list of URLs in each category is maintained by Barracuda Central
    and is updated on a regular basis.

    When you block a category, you block all HTTP traffic to the
    associated URLs in that category.

    Click Save Changes after making any modifications to this list.

    Apparently, the genuses (to paraphrase Wile E. Coyote) at “Barracuda Central” aren’t bright enough to figure out that this isn’t a hacking site.

  64. enigma_foundry says


  65. well, you guys are all dangerous reprobates. i mean, just think of alex’s vicious shift key attack.

  66. Anonymous says

    Well, come on, teach us to hack already.

  67. Maybe they named their product Barracuda because of the lyrics to the Heart song:

    If the real thing don’t do the trick,
    You better make up something quick.

  68. Can the user override this in the settings?

  69. looks like a corporate/school firewall/content filter. Mmmm… smell the fresh socialism in the morning.

  70. Anonymous says

    Ridiculous. A firewall has no business deciding what content is appropriate and what is not; it should be blocking connection attempts on certain ports and that’s all.

    • Use a program called Cain and Able at your placer of the web filter and enable the sniffer. After a while of sniffing the network, If the admin types the key it will be recorded and sent to you for you to log in and overide the web filter.

      Just a small hack but it works! XD

      Look for tutorials for Cain and Able and you can hack easily. Its free BTW.