July 14, 2024

Silver Bullet Podcast

Today we’re getting hep with the youngsters, and offering a podcast in place of the regular blog entry. Technically speaking, it’s somebody else’s podcast – Gary McGraw’s Silver Bullet – but it is a twenty-minute interview with me, much of it discussing blog-related issues. Excerpts will appear in an upcoming issue of IEEE Security & Privacy. Enjoy.


  1. Ah, well if an mp3 is available and not just a FLAC file, then it’s more accessible. But it’s still not as accessible as text/html…:)

  2. the_zapkitty says

    Hint: an “ipod broadcast” is a mp3 file.

    Go to the webpage of the particular podcast you are interested in and look… you’ll almost always find the ‘casts available as mp3’s… including Ed’s guest stint on “Silver Bullet” 🙂

  3. Shame this means today’s blog entry is unusable for people that don’t happen to own an Ipod. (There are some of us out there you know!)