May 26, 2024

Princeton's Center for IT Policy Seeks Associate Director

The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton, of which I am Director, is looking to hire an Associate Director. Here’s a description of the job:

The Associate Director’s job will be to serve as a core organizer and evangelist for the Center. Working with the existing Center leadership,the Associate Director will help to orient, plan, and manage events such as workshops, speaker series and policy briefings; develop and maintain materials such as the center website, workshop reports, brochures and newsletter; track the Center’s accounts and budget; and assist in grant-writing and fundraising as appropriate. More generally, the Associate Director will help push the Center through its startup phase, by providing full-time attention to the Center’s growth and development.


The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree, with some academic training or background in technology policy, will be comfortable working with academics across a range of disciplines, and will have strong communication, management, and organizational skills.

We plan to have an Associate Director in place by September 1.

For more information or to apply for the job, visit the university’s job listing page.


  1. I didn’t see any experience requirements on the job listing… am I correct in assuming that people with only 1 or 2 years of “real world” experience will not be considered?

  2. Rich Gibbs '74 says

    If you are interested in seeing the position announcement, you can get to it by:

    1. Start at
    2. Click on “Search Open Positions” in the left-side navigation pane
    3. Search for Requisition No. 0700426

    The jobs site does seem a bit flaky; it wants to keep track of your “footsteps” itself, but it’s easily confused.

  3. Of course, we’re all FOCUSING on a job not a critique. Correct Gentlemen? Or is this merely a circle jerk?

    Progress w/ congress. Please(r)

  4. I think University webtools are practically required to be awful. It’s one of those unwritten laws of academia

  5. Anonymous says

    Yes, Princeton’s job application website is disgraceful. I’ve never seen a “No Back Button” logo before.

  6. Is there a link for the job listing that doesn’t require registration, login or cookies? (When I click on it, it gets stuck in a redirect loop from one URL to another indefinitely).