May 30, 2024

California Study: Voting Machines Vulnerable; Worse to Come?

A major study of three e-voting systems, commissioned by the California Secretary of State’s office, reported Friday that all three had multiple serious vulnerabilities.

The study examined systems from Diebold, Hart InterCivic, and Sequoia; each system included a touch-screen machine, an optical-scan machine, and the associated backend control and tabulation machine. Each system was studied by three teams: a “red team” did a hands-on study of the machines, a “source code team” examined the software source code for the system, and a “documentation team” examined documents associated with the system and its certification. (An additional team studied the accessibility of the three systems – an important topic but beyond the scope of this post.)

(I did not participate in the study. An early press release from the state listed me as a participant but that was premature. I ultimately had to withdraw before the study began, due to a scheduling issue.)

So far only the red team (and accessibility) reports have been released, which makes one wonder what is in the remaining reports. Here are the reports so far:

The bottom-line paragraph from the red team overview says this (section 6.4):

The red teams demonstrated that the security mechanisms provided for all systems analyzed were inadequate to ensure accuracy and integrity of the election results and of the systems that provide those results.

The red teams all reported having inadequate time to fully plumb the systems’ vulnerabilities (section 4.0):

The short time allocated to this study has several implications. The key one is that the results presented in this study should be seen as a “lower bound”; all team members felt that they lacked sufficient time to conduct a thorough examination, and consequently may have missed other serious vulnerabilities. In particular, Abbott’s team [which studied the Diebold and Hart systems] reported that it believed it was close to finding several other problems, but stopped in order to prepare and deliver the required reports on time. These unexplored avenues are presented in the reports, so that others may pursue them. Vigna’s and Kemmerer’s team [which studied the Sequoia system] also reported that they were confident further testing would reveal additional security issues.

Despite the limited time, the teams found ways to breach the physical security of all three systems using only “ordinary objects” (presumably paper clips, coins, pencil erasers, and the like); they found ways to modify or overwrite the basic control software in all three voting machines; and they were able to penetrate the backend tabulator system and manipulate election records.

The source code and documentation studies have not yet been released. To my knowledge, the state has not given a reason for the delay in releasing these reports.

The California Secretary of State reportedly has until Friday to decide whether to allow these systems to be used in the state’s February 2008 primary election.

[UPDATE: A public hearing on the study is being webcast live at 10:00 AM Pacific today.]


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  4. cookseytalbott says

    I am not suprised at this result. I got the code when they initially displaied lax security and inspected it closely.

    I am not suprised that the machines are open to front end attacks as they use the GRAI (generally regarded as insecure) Microsoft tool chain.

    The code trusted everyone. It did not verify the componants loaded by the machine at start up nor did it vet any of the systemic DLL libs that it loaded at runtime.

    Ergo my eval was that it was extremely succeptable to back end attacks and based on the security (much touted in todays papers) the physical security that is supposed to protect this totally uinlocked gate was compromised at all points in the last election.

    I note the widely documented breech in the San Diego race which was hotly contested.


    If it was open source, with real internal security and a journaling database for vote aggregation I might feel better, but without recognized CS security experts on the job any attampt would only lead to failure.


  5. For what it’s worth, here is a response to the report from Sequoia Voting Systems:

    and here from Hart Intercivic:

    I could not find one from Diebold.

  6. Shad Price says

    They would be foolish to use these machines. It’s painfully evident that Electronic Voting in it’s current state is not ready for prime time.

  7. Spudz, even in simple “put a cross on a paper ballot” elections there are some details that have impact on security and auditability of elections. Counting the votes at the polling station (allowing the public to observe the count) removes the possibility to manipulate (or replace) ballots during transport from polling station to counting station.
    Tampering with the voting registers is another way of influencing elections that works with both electronic and paper voting… In the Netherlands all eligible citizens automatically get their paper “invitation to vote” and the branch that sends out the cards has to guess what the people will vote. Every US election I hear stories of inappropriate deletions of people from the voting register. I can not estimate the cumulative of those deletions, due to non-linearities in the US election system.

  8. To throw off a paper-ballot vote that had a margin of 1000 votes between winner and loser requires tampering with at least 500 ballots (switching votes) and more likely 1000 (stuffing the ballot box or defacing existing ballots).

    To throw off an electronic vote that had a margin of 1000 votes between winner and loser requires one single act of tampering: push one button, substitute one bogus memory card, or whatever.

    The threat model for electronic voting is hugely different. Instead of being based on a large volume of fraudulent transactions it’s based on just one, and so preventing one single bogus interaction is the security model, rather than keeping the noise introduced into the system down to a dull roar. Preventing large numbers of fraudulent actions is important; preventing isolated ones largely isn’t, save safeguarding a whole box of ballots coming from a Dem-leaning area from being disappeared or something. Paper ballot elections are typically safe if you keep the level of noise (accidentally screwed up plus outright fraudulent votes) below the magnitude of the gap between winner and loser. If the noise level is known or suspected to be big enough they then have a recount or other audits.

    Electronic systems also tend to be woefully inadequate when it comes to auditing, as it just so happens.

  9. They submit reports ON VOTING TECHNOLOGY to a frigging state censor to redact stuff, before it is made public?

    What is this, the freaking Soviet Union?

  10. OK. so I’m not very familiar with all the details about electronic voting machines, but I’ll ask anyway.

    Has anyone ever taken the requirements for electronic voting machines and used them with equal rigor to evaluate the old ways of voting? Those would be things like pulling levers, making Xs on pieces of paper, and so forth.

    If so, what are the results? Are the newfangled, electronic machines more accurate, reliable and secure, or are the old ways better?

  11. “The document review teams and source code review teams submitted their reports on schedule. Their reports will be posted as soon as the Secretary of State ensures the reports do not inadvertently disclose security-sensitive information.”