June 24, 2024

NJ Voting Machines Left Unattended, Despite Court Opinion

It’s Election Day in New Jersey. Longtime readers know that in advance of elections I visit polling places in Princeton, looking for voting machines left unattended, where they are vulnerable to tampering. In the past I have always found unattended machines in multiple polling places.

I hoped this time would be different, given that Judge Feinberg, in her ruling on the New Jersey voting machine case, urged the state not to leave voting machines unattended in public.

Despite the judge’s ruling, I found voting machines unattended in three of the four Princeton polling places I visited on Sunday and Monday. Here are my photos from three polling places.

This morning I cast my ballot on one of these machines.


  1. Anonymous says

    …the first actual election fraud involving hacking voting machines appears to have been perpetrated in South Carolina.


    The machines used were ES&S, ones I seem to recall you finding severe flaws in.

  2. …pigs still fail to fly.