May 24, 2024

Join CITP in DC this Friday for "Emerging Threats to Online Trust"

Update – you can watch the video here.

Please join CITP this Friday from 9AM to 11AM for an event entitled “Emerging Threats to Online Trust: The Role of Public Policy and Browser Certificates.” The event will focus on the trustworthiness of the technical and policy structures that govern certificate-based browser security. It will include representatives from government, browser vendors, certificate authorities, academics, and hackers. For more information see:

Several Freedom-to-Tinker posts have explored this set of issues:


  1. Ouch! Linked the way it is, merely opening the freedom-to-tinker home page (or this story’s page) initiates a 741MB download from the featured video’s server. For those of us on metered connections, this is non-optimal 😉