May 30, 2024

E-Voting Links for Election Day

Today, of course, is Election Day in the U.S. Many of our U.S. readers will be casting their votes electronically.

CITP has been front and center on the e-voting issue. Here’s a quick set of CITP e-voting links:

Finally, in keeping with tradition here, on Election Day I post photos of unguarded voting machines in the Princeton area. Here are two photos taken over the weekend:

[This entry was updated at 1:00 PM Eastern on 2 Nov 2010, to add the Checkoway et al. item.]


  1. Michael Donnelly says

    They’re not unguarded, Ed. Those machines are guarded with tons of software secrecy and obfuscation. In fact, I’d reckon it would take someone from your staff (or myself) several hours, if not days, to figure out the proprietary protection schemes and find a vulnerability that can be used to change control of the whole damn House.

    Using known algorithms and best practices for key management is just too easy when the dev team is getting paid by the hour.

    No, those things are safe. *shudder*

  2. Given that you post these pictures every election and nothing is done, maybe it’s time for a more substantial demonstration of the problems with the system. Perhaps Andrew Appel could be “elected” to something – mayor of Princeton perhaps. Shouldn’t take all that many votes to do and from the pictures at least, you could “persuade” the voters on at least 7 voting machines that he is the most qualified candidate.