June 15, 2024

Just launched — Equal Future: Dispatches on Social Justice & Technology

Hello, Freedom to Tinker readers! I’m writing to introduce a new resource that may be of interest to you. It’s called Equal Future, and is written by Robinson + Yu with the support of the Ford Foundation.
 From the About page:

Equal Future is a resource on social justice and technology — a weekly newsletter and web site published by Robinson + Yu with support from the Ford Foundation.

In an era of rapid technological change, hard-won victories of the social justice community are at risk. The key practical protections for our civil rights — from court cases that interpret the Bill of Rights, to landmark 20th century civil rights laws, to accepted notions of government and corporate behavior — were designed against a factual background different from the one we face today.

Social justice depends on how governments and corporations reach the key decisions that reshape peoples’ lives. In housing, lending, health, employment, criminal justice and a host of other areas, those decisions are now being made with new tools and methods, that did not exist when core civil rights protections were established. Securing civil rights for the future will require making sure that these new systems, no less than the older ones they replace, reflect our shared values.

Equal Future aims to lay the foundation for this new conversation, mapping the changing landscape within which the struggle for social justice and civil rights continues.

We know that resources for social justice — including time and attention — are scarce, and we aim to use them well. Once a week, we offer a short and easily digested newsletter, which you can access by email or view on this site. Over time, we hope our work will become a library and point of reference for the community. We are always glad to receive feedback, tips and suggestions. Feel free to reach out to us.


  1. Thanks for sharing, David! For net Methusalem’s, I noticed that while the site doesn’t offer an RSS button, a feed is available as well: http://equalfuture.us/feed/