July 14, 2024


  1. Also a once in a while reader, but one question pops up when you speak about technical debt in government systems. Technical debt makes systems less secure, so this will result in NSA not only gathering 25% of the haystack, but also others being able to search this haystack if they are interested enough.

    Snowden could gather all the information because of technical debt (or just plain ignorance, like responsibility debt), so can others.

  2. Can I really say I follow this blog if I only get here once or twice a month? Oh well, old article I still wanted to say Thank You Ed!

    I won’t comment on my ideas of the NSA and your analysis of their problems. But, thank you for teaching me a new term today. While I am very careful to avoid too much financial debt, I realize I am really struggling under “technical debt.” Ouch!