September 18, 2019

Super-DMCA Update (Texas)

The Texas version of the Super-DMCA has been passed by the relevant committees in both the state House and Senate. It will probably come to a vote in the Senate later this week. If you’re a Texas resident, this would be good time to contact your state senator!

Florida Super-DMCA Back On the Fast Track

Giles Hoover writes that the Florida version of the Super-DMCA has been put on a fast-track “Special Order Calendar”, to be voted on tomorrow. Florida residents, call your representatives and weigh in on this bill!

Texas Trying to Sneak Through Super-DMCA

The Texas state legislature has reportedly suspended its rules today in order to consider the Super-DMCA legislation without the usually-required five days advance notice. This looks like an attempt to get the bill passed without allowing opponents a chance to properly debate it.

The legislative hearing is expected to start around 6:00 PM (Central time) today.