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Archives for December 2013

How to protect yourself against NSA tracking

Jonathan Mayer and I have a new piece in Slate about how the NSA piggybacks on the web tracking activities of advertisers and other services. Essentially, the trackers tag computers and smartphones with unique tracking IDs that are attached to web requests, and the NSA uses those tracking IDs to follow users. I wrote last […]

The Politics of the EU Court Data Retention Opinion: End to Mass Surveillance?

The Wall Street Journal headlines: “EU Court Opinion: Data Retention Directive Incompatible With Fundamental Rights”. The Opinion is strong, but in fact not yet an outright victory to privacy and civil liberties. The jury is out: the Opinion is a non-binding, but influential advice to the E.U. Court, that will deliver its final judgment come […]

Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools

As reported today by the New York Times here, we are releasing our research study this morning on “Privacy and Cloud Computing in Public Schools.”    Districts across the country are widely and rapidly adopting cloud services to fulfill educational objectives and take advantage of opportunities for cost savings and 24/7 services.  Disturbingly, privacy protection for […]

How to stop spies from piggybacking on commercial Web tracking

Tonight the Washington Post published a story about the NSA’s eavesdropping on the unique tracking cookies used by advertisers and analytics companies to identify their users. By capturing these unique identifiers the NSA was able to re-identify users whom it had seen earlier. In short, the NSA could piggyback on commercial tracking to track users […]

Princeton CS research on secure communications

Continuing our series on security research here at Princeton Computer Science, I’d like to talk about how new information about government surveillance is driving research on how to secure communications. For a long time, users and companies have been slow to adopt secure, encrypted communication technologies. The new surveillance environment changes that, with companies racing […]